Gustav Klimt was an Austrian, Symbolist painter who was born in a small town near Vienna.
At the young age of 14 he quit school. Later in 1876, Klimt entered the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts. It was here that he was trained in architectural painting. His teachers noticed Klimt's creative abilities and helped him to improve them. He was so talented that while still in school he started making a modest living from commissions.

Historical art themes were in vogue at the time and were extremely popular in high society. This prevented artists from being able to express themselves through art. However, this did not prove to be a problem for Klimt who was an expert at combining tradition and mythology to satisfy customers.

In his late twenties, Klimt had become profoundly influenced by the Viennese avant-garde. He became fascinated with his peers and their decadence and rebelliousness. He found inspiration from his preoccupation with sexuality, the female form and the battles of the sexes.

Women were indeed Klimt's favourite subject, which clearly show in his artworks ‘The Kiss’, ‘Expectation’ and ‘Three Ages of Women’.

We’ve chosen to share with you some beautiful vases and giftware which feature these famous works.

The Kiss

This piece features a couple locked in an intimate embrace against a dark, flat backdrop. The two figures are located at the edge of a flowery meadow patch which ends beneath the exposed feet of the woman.

We have several items which portray this beautiful and intimate artwork, said to be one of Klimt’s most famous pieces.

Klimt - The Kiss Vase

Klimt - The Kiss Tealight Holder


Expectation appears on vase and two types of tealight holders in our collection, they illustrate the gold phase of artist Gustav Klimt.
He incorporates flourishing gold and bronze tones to accentuate his inspired Egyptian painting, which depicts a woman as she holds her hands in a balanced pose, with her head turned to the side.

Klimt - Expectation Vase

Three Ages of Women

The Three Ages of Women painting symbolises the the cycle of life. It’s a really striking piece of art which has a contrasting dark background and a neutral foreground.
The vase, paperweight or pocket mirror would make a wonderful gift for an art enthusiast.

We hope you have enjoyed this fascinating post and the collection of exquisite gifts we have to offer. Each one has been specifically chosen for their unique design, outstanding craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

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Post By Kelly Trethewey