In recent years, mankind has become more environmentally conscious than ever before. The impact that human consumption of harmful fuels and materials has had on the eco-system can no longer go unnoticed. Along with the warnings of global warming and plastic flooding our oceans, comes the realisation of how our actions are affecting the natural world, with some animals facing extinction. Beautiful wild beasts that once roamed the planet freely have become more and more scarce, due to habitats being destroyed and breeding becoming more difficult. 

However, along with charities and specialist breeding programmes many animals that were on the verge of extinction, have a much brighter future. Many animal lovers are now actively ensuring that wildlife is preserved and nurtured so that we leave future generations a world that we are proud of.

Here at John Beswick our animal figurine collections are designed to celebrate the natural beauty of all animals and perfectly capture their unique characteristics. Our latest collection Natural World was specially designed to draw attention to a collection of the world’s most endangered animals and honour their existence on our planet. Featuring five amazing animals including the Giant Panda, Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Rhino and Mountain Gorilla, this collection is one that we are very proud to make available to you. Painted with intricate details and colours that bring a life-like quality to each piece, every figurine will make a wonderful addition to any collection. 

Please view each figurine featured below, all available to purchase on our website. Each figurine is presented in its own Natural World Collection gift box as a collectable tribute to conservation programmes that are working tirelessly to help protect these incredible animals. 


Natural World - Panda

Measuring 10 cm in height, this gorgeous Panda figurine is presented sat upright as it prepares to enjoy snacking on more bamboo. The panda is crafted with precise details that help bring it to life, with tangled fur and its trade mark black and white colouring. 

Bengal Tiger

Natural World - Bengal Tiger

Seen here prowling through the jungle, this Bengal Tiger is a true sight to behold. With large paws and defined muscles, this ceramic figurine shows the sheer power that these magnificent beats hold. Height 10cm.


Natural World - Gorilla

Sat down and surveying the land around him, this stunning Gorilla figurine is painted to display life-like fur and wrinkled skin which are synonymous with these creatures. The gorilla sits 10 cm tall and will instantly capture the eye.


Natural World - Rhino

The painted effect on this Rhino is simply marvellous. Using a special technique to represent the coarse mottled skin of the rhino, this ceramic figurine will stand out amongst your collection.

Snow Leopard

Natural World - Snow Leopard

An elusive creature that is often not seen, the Snow Leopard had a beautiful white spotted coat. Captured walking in this design, the snow leopard is a big cat that looks serene and gentle, yet holds immense power and poise.

View our full Natural World collection here.

Post By Lauren