The evenings are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter which can only mean one thing… Summer is coming to an end! Don’t despair! Alongside delicious pumpkin-spiced everything and knitted sweaters, Autumnal flowers and colours can really add depth and warmth to your homes.

With hues of mustard yellow, burnt oranges, forest green and stunning reds, here at John Beswick, we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you match your fall-themed bouquets to our stunning array of vases.


Sunflowers aren’t just for summer! These bright, cheery flowers look fantastic with contrasting blues, greens or even pale greys. Thanks to their dramatic appearance, we think sunflowers would make a statement in our Van Gogh Sunflowers Vase. This vase depicts Gogh’s stunning Sunflowers artwork in which he began painting sunflowers after he left Holland for France in pursuit of creating an artistic community.

If you prefer something more subtle, try the Lowry Coming From The Mill Vase. This vase is more muted, with grey and ash tones. This would be the perfect base for sunflowers as a total contrast. This vase is made from high quality ceramic and is small in stature, so trimmed sunflowers would look best.


Chrysanthemums can flower and bloom throughout September and October, meaning you can enjoy these lovely buds in your home during this season. Chrysanthemums can come in an array of magical Autumnal colours, from reds and oranges to pretty peach and snow white. If you’re still longing for blue skies and hazy evenings, shop the Almond Tree In Blossom Vase. This vase showcases Van Gogh’s famous dreamy artwork and would look perfect with pale coloured chrysanthemums in soft pinks, whites and creams.

For a burst of colour, our Morris Strawberry Thief Vase is a vibrant and striking choice. This vase would look wonderful with deep reds, pinks and greens. Strawberry Thief is one of William Morris's most popular repeating designs for textiles and is often featured on rugs, curtains and cushion colours, and can now also be enjoyed on a stunning John Beswick vase.

Snowdrops & Lillies

Snowdrops are gentle, delicate flowers that are usually bright white. This classic bulb has endless appeal and with so many different species, sizes and varieties to choose from, the snowdrop is fast becoming a popular choice. Snowdrops or other lightly coloured flowers would be perfect with the Koson Kingfisher With Lotus Flower Vase. This elegant ceramic vase features a unique, delicate sculptured rim and looks beautiful with or without flowers.

If snowdrops are out of your budget, you could try lilies. Lilies come in a variety of warm or cool colours to suit your mood and home decor. To match your lilies, shop the Monet Water Lilies Vase. This vase showcases Monet’s famous ethereal artwork and is made from fine ceramic and would suit soft pastel hues.


Roses might not be a typical Autumn flower, but they’re a classic for a reason. Rich shades of red, creamy whites and pretty pinks make this flower a romantic and effortless choice. Match your arrangements with our Mackintosh Roses Vase, which features the iconic print and a unique curved shape.

If you prefer a classic, simple look, white and pale pink roses would look wonderful added to our Hokusai Birds And Flowers Vase. With its sweeping cherry blossom branches, this vase is a perfect, natural base for an array of flowers, so you could add texture and colour by adding in simple green foliage for a gentle and elegant flower arrangement for your homes.


While Summer might be drawing to a close, there is still plenty of 2021 left to enjoy. By adding some warm shades and tones to your decor with our range of beautiful vases, you can enjoy arranging and tweaking your own bouquets. Not only do our vases look fabulous on the table, on shelves or on a windowsill, but each vase comes gift wrapped in an elegant silk-lined box, so they’re the perfect present for all occasions! 


Post By Jasmin