There was nothing quite as exciting as getting pocket money when you were a child, was there? With sweets, magazines and treats galore, kids tend to spend money faster than they can hold it! Gifting a money box can encourage youngsters to save their pocket money. Here at John Beswick, we stock a variety of fun money banks to help motivate your children (or yourself!) to put away the pennies for a special occasion with a number of designs that are sure to enhance any room in your home.

Our money banks are carefully made to represent the characteristics of your favourite animals and loveable characters. Ideal for children and adults, these money boxes feature a classic opening for change and notes and can be emptied without damaging the design.

Did you know that September 22nd is National Elephant Day? Pay homage to these wonderful creatures with our Elephant Money Bank. This grey elephant money bank features a sitting elephant and is charmingly realistic while the subtle grey colours will match any bedroom perfectly! This model could also be used as a standalone figurine or ornament and can be sat on a bedside table or shelf.

Whether you or your kids are a fan of this lovable breed or you want to honour your furry friends, this John Beswick Yellow Labrador Money Bank is sure to be the perfect addition to your homes! This fun money bank is created in the shape of a loyal Labrador and has been lovingly hand-painted to show a fun, realistic lifelike style. Your money will be safe and secure yet easily accessible due to its removable stopper!

For something extravagant and unique, shop our stunning Pink Flamingo Money Bank. Perfect for those who love wild animals or are fond of the colour pink, this money box has been crafted from ceramic and hand-painted to showcase the fine details of this beautiful bird.

Looking for something modern and trendy? Our cute little Cactus Money Bank is ideal for those who like something a little out of the norm. This ceramic model features a green cactus and handpainted spots to look like thorns - just without the sharpness! This quirky model also features a tubber access stopper underneath to help it from slipping, wobbling or falling over!

Is your little one mischievous like a fox? Then our Fox Money Bank would make the perfect gift, especially for those who love nature and adorable animals. This cheeky fox money bank has been handpainted to show a realistic lifelike study of this cunning creature and is ideal for boys and girls of all ages.


It’s never too early to start teaching your children the importance of saving money. With our range of adorable money banks at John Beswick, we just know that your little ones will look forward to putting away their pennies!

Post By Jasmin