Did you know that October 12th is National Farmer’s Day? This special day offers much-deserved praise to the hard-working farmers across the nation. In the midst of the busy harvesting period, this day pays tribute to the men, women, and families who put blood, sweat ad tears into their work and food in the grocery stores and on our tables every day.

Here at John Beswick, we have an entire collection of stunning hand-painted Farmyard inspired figurines to help you bring the charm of the countryside into your homes.

Saddleback Pig

The Saddleback pig is known in the agricultural world to be a very hardy breed and usually features a distinct pink or white marking on their backs. This breed is very docile and suited to farm life perfectly!

Lovingly hand-painted to showcase this breed’s lovable character and big, floppy ears, this 8cm tall figurine would look fantastic as a standalone or part of a collection. This charming life-like Saddleback figurine would be the perfect gift for any lover of the breed and comes in a stylish gift box.

Jersey Cow

Jersey cows are named after their country of origin… Jersey! Most Jerseys are brown or a fawn shade, with a lighter abdomen. They can also come in shades of red, dark brown, grey or spotted, all with the lighter underside. Whatever the colour, their muzzles are generally dark, as are the tails and flanks!

This classic breed of a dairy cow is beautifully presented in a gift box and using a blend of subtle browns, a hand-painted figurine replicates the real breed perfectly. Featuring dainty facial features and an 11.5cm height, this Jersey Cow figure makes a wonderful addition to a farmyard collection.


Is there anything more nostalgic than feeding the ducks with the children or grandchildren? Domesticated ducks are a common sight among farms. Did you know that the production of eggs is affected by daylight? When there is more bright daylight, ducks will lay more eggs. To prevent this from happening, farmers use artificial lighting so that the ducks have about 17 hours of light a day to produce eggs efficiently!

This 5cm high John Beswick Duck Figurine has been lovingly hand-painted and shows a striking orange bill and crisp white plumage. This figure would make a wonderful addition to nurseries, bird lovers and sits nicely on shelves and mantlepieces.

Texel Yew 

No walk in the countryside is complete without seeing at least a few sheep. The Texel sheep originates from the island of Texel, one of the north-western islands off Holland and has become a firm favourite among farmers as they’re gentle, docile and are a highly adaptable breed that makes its home anywhere.

The Texel Ewe has very thick wool, which is depicted in great detail here in this wonderful life-like study. Hand cast and hand-painted, this ewe figurine looks great as a standalone figure or as part of the John Beswick farmyard collection.

Hereford Bull

The Hereford cattle lineage started in 1742 in Herefordshire, England, and now represents millions of pedigree Herefords. As one of the most prolific breeds of cows in the world, the Hereford Bull has become a favourite among farmers thanks to their early maturity, and ability to thrive under adverse conditions.

From the cute tufts of fur between the horns to the realistic light brown and white markings, this hand-painted Hereford Bull figurine really brings this cattle breed to life and would make the perfect gift for all occasions for fans of this breed.


Whether you fancy a nice stroll in the countryside, plan a trip to a local farm with the kids or even just browse a local farmers market, farmers are the uncelebrated heroes that definitely deserve their national holiday! With the John Beswick Farmyard collection, you can show your appreciation to farmers and animals with style and class with our range of beautiful hand-painted figurines.



Post By Jasmin