Displaying figurines and collections can bring character and add interest to your home, but it can be testing trying to find the best way to put them on display and store them so that you can still enjoy all of their splendour.

Less Is More

As with most things, less is usually more. Often people make the mistake of cramming too many collectibles and figurines into one small area. This can look cluttered and untidy so it’s better to spread them out over a couple of display shelves so that they can be fully appreciated. You don’t have to keep them all in one room either, displaying them in other rooms of the house helps to bring continuity through your home.

Organised Groups

Many collectors have a variety of figurines and it can pose a challenge when trying to display them together. The key to remember here is logic. If you place them randomly it can look rather messy so it’s better to think simply.

Once you have more than half a dozen, then strategic thinking comes into play. A collection of related items in a semi-circle type display with a single focal point is aesthetically pleasing. Consider how people would be arranged for a group photo, taller people at the back with shorter people at the front and everyone facing the same direction. This can be applied to your collection also.

Designated Display Cabinet Or Case

Cabinets are available in a choice of designs and sizes, made especially to display collectible items. They are generally shallower than any regular storage cabinet which ensures there is no wasted space at the back of a shelf, as generally people place figurines near to the front. Remember to leave adequate space above your figurines to ensure visibility and bear in mind that shelves at eye level or above will require less space above them than those lower down. Try not to squeeze too many on one shelf as it can look cluttered. A Glass fronted cabinet will help to reduce dust settling on your figurines and will help to prevent any accidents.

Forget The Rows

It is quite common for items to be displayed in rows within a cabinet or even on a table top or sideboard.  This works and looks good for collectibles such as model vehicles but can look overcrowded for figurines.  Your display area should be compatible with the size, style and number of your figurines.  One or possibly two lines is best, anything behind that will become overlooked and the volume of the collection will make the display look dishevelled.

Light Them Up

Adding lighting can really draw attention and make your collection a real focus point.  It helps to make intricate details clearly visible and display cabinets often have lighting built in.  As a general rule it is best to avoid lighting that is directly overhead, spotlights and backlights because they can produce unsightly shadows that restrict visibility.  Diffused light sources help to get rid of any darkness whilst enhancing details.

We hope you have found this article of some use and that you will be able to implement some of these ideas at home.  If you are considering adding to your collection, you can browse our wonderful range of products here.


Post By Kelly Trethewey